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Mirabello 30

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NEWA Mirabello

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COMPLETE AQUARIUM READY TO INSTALL: Mirabello is available in 30Ltr a 60Ltr with 24w PL lamps and 60Ltr T5 lamp (The T5 version is excellent for planted tanks and enhances plant growth and maintains the health of the plants within the aquarium).

Pump, heater and aeration system are housed in the effi­cient internal ‑filter, while the completely watertight lighting system is built into the lid.

SIZE: NEWA Mirabello thanks to its elegant and re‑fined can match all kinds of furniture and also enhances the natural scene within the aquarium.

2 FILTERS FOR A MAXIMUM FILTERING EFFICIENCY: NEWA Mirabello is fitted with a highly e­fficient internal filter with disposable cartridges and also with the compact and e­fficient NEWA Duetto filter. Thanks to the latter, besides the three common filtration sections (mechanical, chemical and biological) NEWA Mirabello adds a forth section that can be used to insert resins or other special ‑filtering media. The pump is fitted with a flow adjuster and built-in aeration system.

EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN: Just open the aquarium lid to reach all parts of the filter.

SAFE AND RELIABLE: 4 mm thick pure plate glass tank, and sealed with high quality silicone. Each aquarium tank and each electrical appliance is inspected, and manufactured in compliance with the rigorous international safety regulations.

Impact resistant and watertight sealed lid fitted with a special aerating grill for correct oxygen supply. Lighting System compliant with regulations, perfectly insulated from the water. A practical opening allows feeding, or fitting of an automatic feeding unit.

Adjustable flow submersible pump with a rotating outlet deflector, built-in aeration system and pump. Self-protected against anomalous overheating owing to dry functioning or jammed rotor.

Filter container that can be used with special filter media (resins, carbon, zeolite, etc...), or that can be used to boost biological filtering. It can house a sponge, ceramic rings, or other media designed to help bacteria thrive. It can be easily removed along with the pump.



Fully submersible, automatic aquarium heater NEWA Therm eco. It maintains the right temperature and gives superior performance, economy and security. Engineered to withstand the harsh environment of saltwater aquariums. Provided with a sensitive and dependable thermostat that keeps temperature constant.